Taoist/Hindu Christianity

For Chinese and Indians in Singapore, the main deities worshiped are Mazu (Taoist), Guanyin (Buddhist) and Murugan (Hindu) and their worship is deeply ingrained in our culture even when we convert to Christianity.  Mazu and Guanyin Mazu is the goddess of protection at sea and Guanyin is the goddess of mercy, both aspects of the … Continue reading Taoist/Hindu Christianity

Tool: Relationship Regulation Theory

Link to "Relationship Regulation Theory: Communal Sharing" by Daniel Bonevac Very interesting model for negotiating relationships. Seems to me like this is the Philosophical basis for Law and Justice. These is my list from least to most intimate: 1. Market Pricing 2. Authority Ranking 3. Equality Matching 4. Communal Sharing It's important to know which … Continue reading Tool: Relationship Regulation Theory