Die To Myself (Cover)
Free In Faith
Incomplete Song
Jesus Saves
Take My Hand (Duet)
Walk With Me

Die To Myself (Cover), by Fellowship of the Martyrs

Verse 1:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

To live like you Holy One,
God’s only begotten son.
In your mercy, lead your saints
Through the narrow way.

Everything I have is yours;
I will serve you forevermore!
Lord, break down every wall,
As I give you my all;
I’ve never been this loved before!

Mould me into what you want me to be;
Lord, open my eyes and set me free!
Consecrate me unto you,
So that when you are through,
No one would recognise me!

Verse 2:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

Flee from this world to pass
And on the bread that lasts.
Guide me away from wrath,
To walk the narrow path.

Lord, I’ll follow you
Even to your cross.
Where else can I go?
You are truth and life.

Everything I have is yours;
I will serve you forevermore.

Last Verse:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

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Hey there it’s been awhile, I’ve missed you.
Do you have a moment to spare?
Cos now I’m falling apart;
I guess I can start right here…
You know it’s hard to say ‘I’m leaving’,
Cos now I know I really cared,
But you moved on where you are
And I’m still alone in the dark.

Just stay and hold me an hour longer,
Like when you said you’d always be there.
Somehow, I knew from the start,
The moment we parted,
I’d find you waiting there,
Cos you were always there to catch me,
When I had no one else that cared.
I couldn’t leave you behind,
That memory finds me here…

When I walk through darkened valleys,
I know you won’t be there.
You made me leave you behind.
After all this time, I need some peace and rest,
Cos I can’t stay with them, they’ll hurt me,
And I know that you don’t care.
So I’ll leave you behind
And follow the light ahead;
Away from you…

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Free in Faith

Verse 1:
All I’d known was lie of my goodness,
But now I know that my sin is real,
So I came to your cross, looking for your forgiveness
And now I stand truly free!

Keep me safe in the shadow of your wings,
As I rest in the river of your peace.
Hold my heart, as I hold your hand.
Give me strength!

Then sings my soul, Hallelujah!
Glory to the risen king!
The world will know
I love you here,
And though I fall in darkness,
I know you’ll raise me up,
So in your light I worship!
Free in faith I’ll live!

Verse 2:
All I’d known is to work for acceptance,
But now I know that you loved me all along,
So I cling to your cross knowing you will defend me
And now I stand truly free!

Your truth had judged me;
Your grace redeemed me;
Your love has changed me,
So I’ll stand, I’ll stand!

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Verse 1:
Never again will I rush in
And take my walls down,
But you asked me:
Why would I hide when I wanted
To show you my scars,

Cos in hindsight,
I needed some space, but I could not
Keep myself away
From your tender,
Healing, eyes,
Drawing me back into the light.

Chorus 1:
I see flashes of colour in the midnight sky,
Feel a rush that flies up to the moon.
I hear music cry out from the dark and void,
And it dances to your heartbeat.

When I tugged you along, with my spirit’s song,
In the face of a narrowing way.
You looked back at my shadow and pulled me in close,
As my fears melted away (in love).

Verse 2:
It’s time to move on.
You convinced me,
I had to be strong.
In a sea of withering weeds,
How did I find a flower like you?

In the storms, you
Never abandoned me;
Close by my side.
When I needed a home to go back to,
You stayed.

Sometimes, we look just a little too far,
When our hearts know where to fly to.
Sometimes, we don’t know just how to be still
And find peace abandoning heartbreak.

Chorus 2:
Hold me and lead me to clearer skies,
Where the air is light and free.
Show me a place far away from here,
Where the chains of my pain are a dream.

Maybe one day, when I open my eyes
And these stains have melted away,
Then I’ll open my heart and believe again
In a hope that sets me free in love.

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Incomplete Song

Verse 1:
How we met,
Felt the butterflies;
Did I say ‘hello’,
When we locked eyes?
You walked away
And never turned around.

Felt bad,
Tried to call your name,
But the words stayed back,
I felt ashamed.
Couldn’t find a way,
To call across the room.

All I want
Is here right now,
With your heart song sung
And your beautiful smile.
All I need,
With you next to me,
Is if you never leave me
Incomplete (again.)

Verse 2:
Months went by,
You were someone new.
Didn’t catch the hint
That I wasn’t cool.
I was proud of you;
I guess I was a fool.

Broke down,
Tried to fill the space,
You were all I wanted
And now you’re gone.
I wrecked my life,
Finding someone new.

Verse 3:
Years passed,
Hey, I asked you out.
Why did you say ‘yes’,
After all this while?
There you saw the city,
But all I saw was you.

I screwed up,
I was so afraid.
Now you’re gone again,
This is so insane!
Now I can’t forget
Your song, stuck in my head.

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Jesus Saves

Verse 1:
I was lost in my sin,
Living life chasing the wind.
I was cursed and broken down,
For all the pain that I had caused,

But I heard you call my name;
You came and took away my shame.
Right then, I felt your peace abound;
You placed my feet on solid ground.

Cos Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves;
Oh my soul be not afraid.
For Jesus Reigns, Jesus Reigns;
Dry bones rise up from your grave.

Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death,
I have no fear, for you are near,
And you have conquered it all;
Jesus Saves.

Verse 2:
Though I limp a narrow path,
I know your love will bring me through.
Though you afflict me with your rod,
You use the weak to lead the strong!

I have been crucified with Christ
And he has raised me back to life.
I will defy all worldly lies,
Until I join him in the sky!

The sacrifice you want
Is my broken spirit,
My broken heart.

O Lord, I seek your face;
Oh hear my prayer;
Send me!

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Take My Hand


Verse 1: [Persona A]
I’m a mess now, do I know you?
Where were you all of this time?
I’m all alone now, did you see me
Wasting away all my life?

Chorus 1: [Persona A]
If only you had stayed
With me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just stay
By my side.
If only you’d say a prayer
With me and
Get me through to the end,
But you turned and you left me again…

Verse 2: [Persona B]
I was beside you and I watched you;
I felt your pain all this time.
I’m still here now, can you trust me?
I’m holding on to our lives…

Chorus 2: [Persona A]
If only you had stayed
With me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just stay
By my side.
If only you’d say a prayer
With me and
Get me through to the end,
But you turned and you left me again,

Chorus 2: [Persona B]
But oh I did, my dear,
I never left you alone.
I kept my pledge to you
Through the storm.
I know its hard, but believe me,
Dear, I gave
All I had in the end…

Bridge: [Persona B]
Let me show you a world,
You never knew.
Let me show you where you
Will find yourself.
[Bridge: Persona A]
Your empty words mean
Nothing to me this time,
So don’t try it now.

Bridge: [Persona B]
I gave up all I had for you;
Just look at me!
I’ve always been waiting
So patiently.
[Bridge: Persona A]
Please forgive me if I don’t
Turn around this time,
But don’t leave me here…

Pre-Chorus: [Persona A]
If only you had stayed
With me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just stay
By my side…

Chorus 3: [Persona A (Persona B)]
If only you had stayed
(I never left you, dear,)
With me, then I’d be alright.
(I know that we’ll be alright.)
If only you’d just stay
(I’ll never leave, I’ll stay)
By my side.
(By your side.)
If only you’d say a prayer
(So take my hand, say a prayer)
With me and
(With me, I’ll)
Get me through to the end,
(Get us through to the end)
But you turned and you left me again…
(And you know that I’m sorry, I know,)

Chorus 3: [Persona A (Persona B)]
I know you tried, but, no matter
(But oh I did, my dear,)
What, I always felt alone,
(I never left you alone;)
But still that pledge kept my hope
(I kept my pledge to you)
Through the storm, so far.
(Through the storm.)
Oh, yes, it’s hard, but I know it
(I know its hard, but believe me,)
Dear, we gave
(Dear, I gave)
All we had in the end. Let me say
(All I had in the end…)
That I love you…
(Cos, I love you. Take my hand.)

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Walk With Me

Verse 1:
If you’re there,
If you can hear me,
I need you.
I’ve been so hungry;
I’ve been so cold.
Im lost and weary,
Where do I go?

My love is free,
This is your home.
Stay and eat,
You’re not alone.
You’ve wandered far
And suffered long.
Now turn around
And stay with me.

Verse 2:
Hear my cry.
Don’t forget me,
I need you.
I’ve been so lonely
And so afraid;
I’m lost and weary,
Where do I go?

Follow me!
Im all you’ve ever needed;
Im all your heart desires.
Come to me!
I’ll lead you home
In my arms.

Last Chorus:
Lord set me free
And take me home;
I want to dwell
In your love.
Let me remember
And trust in you,
As I pray
You’ll walk with me.

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