Who is This Guy?

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Welcome to my site!

I am a Chinese Singaporean writer and musician, exploring History and Literature, through the lens of Religion and Culture.

I hope to conserve and develop our social heritage, build a harmonious society and, in doing so, inspire people to achieve lives of perfect humility.

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Peace be with you,
Gabriel Ng Ui Kiat

My Articles of Faith

1. Protestantism:
I affirm the Formal Principle
commonly called Sola Scriptura.

2. Anglicanism:
I affirm the Latin Rite
heritage of Western Christianity,
the 66-Book Canon of the Bible
and a Reformed Christology.

3. Methodism:
I affirm the Two Sacraments
of Baptism and Holy Communion,
a Continuationist Charism,
a Trinitarian Theology and
an Arminian Soteriology.

4. Pentecostalism:
I affirm a Premillenialist Eschatology.

5. Hebrew Roots:
I affirm Covenant Hermeneutics,
with one administration of
the Covenant of Grace,
begining at The Fall
(One Law, Two House).

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