What’s Your Point?

So one thing I’ve realised about my way of speaking is that it is not framed well. What I mean is that we tend to speak to illustrate points that end either philosophically, experientially or practically and we generally stick to one of those our whole lives.

Here is a way to think about it, in school, we start learn subjects that are philosophical, like mathematics, sciences, but also experiential ones like language. We move on to also include applied sciences like Home Economics and Design & Technology, and more advanced Humanities beyond language like History and Geography, then if you go to JC, English becomes actual Philosophy with GP or KI.

In theory, this develops us holistically, in reality, most of the the time we just memorise anwers and vomit. The few times we don’t, our society puts a strong emphasis on Natural Philosophy that leads to Applied Sciences like Engineering, Law and Medicine. Even our Humanities are taught in a very philosophical/practical way that doesn’t allow for more vague descriptions of human experience. Kind of hard to be artistic here, but thats what I am.

I get quite confused when people say I’m intellectual, I’m not, I’m artistic. Whenever I talk, it is to the end that essentially we both have a good experience with whatever it is weare talking about. I could care less about whether you are thinking about things properly or doing the right things to solve problems, I want you to have a good time. I only emphasise thinking and doing if it means you have a better experience.

Most of the times when I try to “make a point”, I’m really just trying to describe what I feel about the thing by concretising it in ideas or decisions on what to do, and sometimes that comes off as confusing and contradictory. Sometimes if I confuse you, I’m just trying to first hand tell you that my experience with it has been confusing too and I want that to stop.

In my faith, why I push for practical ecumenism is also not because I like the idea or have the ideals of unity, or that it practically works the best for Chuches to run their week to week processes if they are together. To me, the issue is that the Christian experience in Singapore can kinda suck for some people, its not particularly enjoyable to be isolated from family and friends for certain converts who come into the faith, nor is it fun to stay in the faith while everyone else goes cold or leaves. The tribalism and reputation of Churces as social clubs to find girls isn’t very nice either. Sometimes dealing with culture and making it good allows people to experience Jesus everyday unaffected by the tyranny and apathy of the Sinapore Christian experience.

Either way, I should learn to put that disclaimer before I talk about anything serious: “My agenda here is for you to have a good experience with your life’s journey; nothing more, nothing less, and to maybe deepen my own in the process. Everything I’m about to say points to that.” And its good for you to be able to put that disclaimer too, whether you care about ideas, actions or, like me, feelings, it helps to tell people where you are going with the conversation.

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