Link: Early Christianity

Link to “What if Rome Never Existed? Part II: The Fate of Christendom” by AlternateHistoryHub

Link to “#104: Tertullian’s Defense” by Christian History Institute

Apostle Paul and Pastorship

Link to “Tom Wright – The Reconstruction of Paul (N181)” by Nomad Podcast

I think this is a must watch, on understand Paul as a Pastor or Leader of the early Church family, struggling with protecting and maintaining the new communities and relationships formed around the cross, and not just as like a dude with some ideas.

John Chrysostom

Homily #58 on the Gospel of John, by St John Chrysostom. Get a taste of what preaching was like in the 300s. It’s really worthwhile to read the whole thing.

Link to “Homily LVIII.” on John ix. 17, 18 by St John Chrysostom

“For if one should come in here regularly, even though he read not at home, if he attends to what is said here, one year even is sufficient to make him well versed in them; because we do not to-day read one kind of Scriptures, and tomorrow another, but always and continually the same. Still such is the wretched disposition of the many, that after so much reading, they do not even know the names of the Books, and are not ashamed nor tremble at entering so carelessly into a place where they may hear God’s word.”

“Gold, if thou shalt have spent, thou mayest get again; but if thou lose time, thou shalt hardly recover that. Little is dealt out to us in this present life; if therefore we employ it not as we ought, what shall we say when we depart “there”? “

Link to “WISDOM OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM ON RAISING CHILDREN” by Saint Paul Cathedral, Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

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