Tool: Relationship Regulation Theory

Link to “Relationship Regulation Theory: Communal Sharing” by Daniel Bonevac

Very interesting model for negotiating relationships. Seems to me like this is the Philosophical basis for Law and Justice. These is my list from least to most intimate:

1. Market Pricing
2. Authority Ranking
3. Equality Matching
4. Communal Sharing

It’s important to know which model to use when deciding what to, in any given situation, with another person. Each relationship has topics that will be one of the four, and it is important for us to know which model is most appropriate. If we can manage that, then life will seem a lot more fair and habitable for every one of your relationships.

Very often the ideologies that emerge will be based on a default of either Pricing and Ranking, in the case of Conservatism, Ranking and Matching, in the case of Centrism, and Matching and Sharing, in the case of Liberalism. I think it is important for the group to decide on which of these four aspects it will base itself on.

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