I see glimmers of light in the darkness.
Come, stand with me, look around you;
See that beauty is so powerful,
It rests even in broken places.

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I hope to conserve and develop our social heritage, build a harmonious society and, in doing so, inspire people to achieve lives of perfect humility.

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Urban Adventure

1. Incomplete
2. Escape
3. Hands
4. Beginnings
5. Empathy
6. Healing
7. Ashes


Die To Myself (Cover)
Free In Faith
Jesus, O Jesus
Jesus Saves
Rise of The Saints
Some Day in Eternity
Though You Slay Me (Cover)
Walk With Me


An Empty Home
Commission’s Call
Don’t Pray for Me
Healing Embrace
Jungle of Fear
Midnight Dance
My Jesus

Urban Adventure

1. Incomplete

Verse 1:
How we met,
Felt the butterflies;
Did I say ‘hello’,
When we locked eyes?
You walked away
And never turned around.

Felt bad,
Tried to call your name,
But the words stayed back,
I felt ashamed.
Couldn’t find a way,
To call across the room.

All I want
Is here right now,
With your heart song sung
And your beautiful smile.
All I need,
With you next to me,
Is if you never leave me
Incomplete (again.)

Verse 2:
Months went by,
You were someone new.
Didn’t catch the hint
That I wasn’t cool.
I was proud of you;
I guess I was a fool.

Broke down,
Tried to fill the space,
You were all I wanted
And now you’re gone.
I wrecked my life,
Finding someone new.

Verse 3:
Years passed,
Hey, I asked you out.
Why did you say ‘yes’,
After all this while?
There you saw the city,
But all I saw was you.

I screwed up,
I was so afraid.
Now you’re gone again,
This is so insane!
Now I can’t forget
Your song, stuck in my head.

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2. Escape

Hey there, it’s been awhile, I’ve missed you.
Do you have a moment to spare?
Cos now I’m falling apart;
I guess I can start right here…
You know it’s hard to say ‘I’m leaving’,
Cos now I know I really cared,
But you moved on where you are
And I’m still alone in the dark.

Just stay and hold me an hour longer,
Like when you said you’d always be there.
Somehow, I knew from the start,
The moment we parted,
I’d find you waiting there,
Cos you were always there to catch me,
When I had no one else that cared.
I couldn’t leave you behind,
That memory finds me here…

When I walk through darkened valleys,
I know you won’t be there.
You made me leave you behind.
After all this time, I needed some peace and rest,
Cos, I can’t stay with them, they’ll hurt me,
And I know that you don’t care.
So I’ll leave you behind
And follow the light ahead;
Away from you…

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3. Hands

Verse 1:
I’m a mess now, do I know you?
Where were you all of this time?
I’m all alone now, did you see me
Wasting away all my life?

Chorus 1:
If only you had
Stayed with me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just
Stay by my side.
If only you’d say
A prayer with me and
Get me through to the end,
But you turned and you left me again…

Verse 2:
I was beside you and I watched you;
I felt your pain all this time.
I’m still here now, can you trust me?
I’m holding on to our lives…

Chorus 2:
If only you had
Stayed with me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just
Stay by my side.
If only you’d say
A prayer with me and
Get me through to the end,
But you turned and you left me again,

But oh I did, my
Dear, I never left you alone.
I kept my pledge to
You through the storm.
I know its hard, but
Believe me, dear, I
Gave all I had in the end…

Let me show you a world,
You never knew.
Let me show you where you
Will find yourself.

Your empty words mean
Nothing to me
This time,
So don’t try it now.

I gave up all I had for you;
Just look at me!
I’ve always been waiting
So patiently.

Please forgive me if I don’t
Turn around
This time,
But don’t leave me here…

If only you had stayed
With me, then I’d be alright.
If only you’d just stay
By my side…

Chorus 3:
If only you had
(I never left you,)
Stayed with me, then I’d be alright.
(Dear, I know that we’ll be alright.)
If only you’d just
(I’ll never leave, I’ll)
Stay by my side.
(Stay by your side.)
If only you’d say
(So take my hand, say)
A prayer with me and
(A prayer with me, I’ll)
Get me through to the end,
(Get us through to the end)
But you turned and you left me again…
(And you know that I’m sorry, I know,)

I know you tried, but,
(But oh I did, my)
No matter what, I always felt alone,
(Dear, I never left you alone.)
But still that pledge kept
(I kept my pledge to)
My hope through the storm, so far.
(You through the storm.)
Oh, yes, it’s hard, but
(I know its hard, but)
I know it, dear, we
(Believe me, dear, I)
Gave all we had in the end. Let me say
(Gave all I had in the end…)
That I love you…
(Cos, I love you. Take my hand.)

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4. Beginnings

Verse 1:
In the silence of a moonlit night,
Underneath the stars so bright.
In the still of the air, I wish you were here
With me.

When I thought of the times we shared
And every moment you showed you cared.
When I talk to the air, I wish you were here
Right now.

For so long, I’ve travelled alone,
Longing for a place called home.
For so long, it’s taken its toll;
The feeling of loneliness grows.

Verse 2:
On a road that never seems to end,
Finding friends and making amends.
On a journey to take my whole life back
With you.

Where I see a light over the hills.
The sun rises in glory again.
Where I find the strength to carry on
Right here.

At the end of all things,
When the journey is done,
When we finally start anew,

Oh my soul will cry out
That, in all things I stood for,
I did what I thought was good.

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5. Empathy

Verse 1:
Drifting slowly
Into stormy nightmares screaming.
Slowly sinking
Underneath the waves you faded.
Lost in sorrow,
Why don’t I just close my eyes
And watch you disappear?

When I was holding you close
In the warm embrace of an evening sunset,
Knowing you’d known about me.
When I was walking alone
In a broken world with twisted people
And only you’d sing about me
In the dark.

Verse 2:
Yes I know that
I’m a little crazy, I did
All those things I
Now regret when, I tried too hard.
Before I knew it,
I was all alone again now.
Where did I go wrong?

Don’t go, I know you’re hurting!
Don’t leave, I know too much,
So take me with you.
I don’t know where to go.

Don’t stop, I’ll find a way out!
Don’t die on me right now.
It’s not too late, I can’t let go,
It hurts too much remembering…

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6. Healing

Verse 1:
Never again will I rush in
And take my walls down,
But you asked me:
Why would I hide when I wanted
To show you my scars,

Cos in hindsight,
I needed some space, but I could not
Keep myself away
From your tender,
Healing, eyes,
Drawing me back into the light.

I see flashes of colour in the midnight sky,
Feel a rush that flies up to the moon.
I hear music cry out from the dark and void,
And it dances to your heartbeat.

When I tugged you along, with my spirit’s song,
In the face of a narrowing way.
You looked back at my shadow and pulled me in close,
As my fears melted away (in love).

Verse 2:
It’s time to move on.
You convinced me,
I had to be strong.
In a sea of withering weeds,
How did I find a flower like you?

In the storms, you
Never abandoned me;
Close by my side.
When I needed a home to go back to,
You stayed.

Sometimes, we look just a little too far,
When our hearts know where to fly to.
Sometimes, we don’t know just how to be still
And find peace abandoning heartbreak.

Last Chorus:
Hold me and lead me to clearer skies,
Where the air is light and free.
Show me a place far away from here,
Where the chains of my pain are a dream.

Maybe some day, when I open my eyes
And these stains have melted away,
Then I’ll open my heart and believe again
In a hope that sets me free in love.

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7. Ashes

Verse 1:
Hold on, this little heart’s
Still beating now, inside.
Stay strong, yes, our eyes still shine
Like a brilliant starlit night.

Make room, this is not the end,
Only the beginning and
Slow down,
This is right where I belong;

Maybe you see
Everything that’s falling apart,
But all I see is you.

Sit down, we’ll be here awhile
Drink it in, close your eyes,
Enjoy the peace
Before it’s gone
Like ashes in the wind.

Take heart, you have nothing to lose;
Breathe it in, let it go,
It’s over now.
Just fade away
(And make the best of it).

Verse 2:
In the end, you’re still the same;
Your words keep silent in the wind.
When all that’s said and done cries out
From a past that never ever dies.

But oh now,
This is not the end,
Only the beginning and
Slow down,
We’ll make it through somehow;

You know, they know, I know
That the years of struggle are
Still very real today.

I see the weight you carry
In a bid to run away;
Or maybe stay the same…

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Die To Myself

(Cover of Song by Fellowship of the Martyrs)

Verse 1:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

To live like you Holy One,
God’s only begotten son.
In your mercy, lead your saints
Through the narrow way.

Everything I have is yours;
I will serve you forevermore!
Lord, break down every wall,
As I give you my all;
I’ve never been this loved before!

Mould me into what you want me to be;
Lord, open my eyes and set me free!
Consecrate me unto you,
So that when you are through,
No one would recognise me!

Verse 2:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

Flee from this world to pass
And on the bread that lasts.
Guide me away from wrath,
To walk the narrow path.

Lord, I’ll follow you
Even to your cross.
Where else can I go?
You are truth and life.

Last Verse:
Help me die to myself today,
To live in your holy way.
Jesus, my Lord and King,
To you my life I bring.

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Free in Faith

Verse 1:
All I’d known was lie of my goodness,
But now I know that my sin is real,
So I came to your cross, looking for your forgiveness
And now I stand truly free!

Keep me safe in the shadow of your wings,
As I rest in the river of your peace.
Hold my heart, as I hold your hand.
Give me strength!

Then sings my soul, Hallelujah!
Glory to the risen king!
The world will know
I love you here,
And though I fall in darkness,
I know you’ll raise me up,
So in your light I worship!
Free in faith I’ll live!

Verse 2:
All I’d known is to work for acceptance,
But now I know that you loved me all along,
So I cling to your cross knowing you will defend me
And now I stand truly free!

Your truth had judged me;
Your grace redeemed me;
Your love has changed me,
So I’ll stand, I’ll stand!

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Jesus O Jesus

Jesus, o Jesus,
How wonderful Your Name!
God, Merciful and Gracious;
You’ll always stay the same!

Now turn Lord; o turn Lord!
Reveal to us Your face,
That we may move and live in
Your Truth and Grace.

In all that I am, I bow down before You.
With all that I have, I lift it to You.
Oh Lord of my past and my future too;
You know, You care, You are…

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Jesus Saves

Verse 1:
I was lost in my sin,
Living life chasing the wind.
I was cursed and broken down,
For all the pain that I had caused,

But I heard you call my name;
You came and took away my shame.
Right then, I felt your peace abound;
You placed my feet on solid ground.

Cos Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves;
Oh my soul be not afraid.
For Jesus Reigns, Jesus Reigns;
Dry bones rise up from your grave.

Though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of death,
I have no fear, for you are near,
And you have conquered it all;
Jesus Saves.

Verse 2:
Though I limp a narrow path,
I know your love will bring me through.
You afflict me with your rod;
You use the weak to lead the strong!

I have been crucified with Christ
And he has raised me back to life.
I will defy all worldly lies,
Until I join him in the sky!

The sacrifice you want
Is my broken spirit,
My broken heart.

Lord, I seek your face;
Oh hear my prayer;
Send me!

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Rise of The Saints

(Co-written with Sebastian Boy)

Verse 1:
I’m leaving the highway
Of a hellbent road,
Cos your Word testifies
That my sin is a sinking boat.
Struggling day by day,
But your love is here to stay,
As I close my eyes, I hold your hand
And walk the narrow way.

I sit in darkness, Lord;
Ignite my spirit again with your fire!

Till on your wings, I rise
Through the darkness of this night.
The spotless Lamb, crucified;
My freedom bought with your demise.
Now I sing oh
Now I sing oh

Verse 2:
Saying my humble prayers,
Though sin still clouds my eyes.
My skies are turned to grey
And my days are cold as ice.
But I know who you are;
You’ll fix my broken soul.
I put my trust in you,
As you hold my hand and take me home!

Victorious, is my Risen King!
Glorious, with all my soul I sing!

Last Chorus:
Now, on your wings, I rise
Above the shadow of this night!
The spotless Lamb, glorified;
My freedom owed to Jesus Christ!
Now I sing oh
Now I sing oh

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Some Day in Eternity

One day I will call upon His name
One day He will take me home
Finally I see Him face to face
Some day in eternity

One day He will still this trembling heart
One day He will dry my tears
Silently He holds me as I sleep
Some day in eternity

One day He will raise the lowly up
One day He will make us shine
Singing hallelujah endlessly
Some day in eternity

One day He will call the orphans home
One day He will rule with peace
Saints and sinners sit to eat with Him
Some day in eternity

One day every pain will be forgot
One day all I know is Him
In the end I love Whom I will see
Some day in eternity
Where Jesus wants to be with me

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Though You Slay Me (Cover)

Verse 1:
I come, God, I come
I return to the Lord
The one who’s broken
The one who’s torn me apart
You struck down to bind me up
You say You do it all in love
That I might know You in Your suffering

In my fears and doubt
Yet my soul cries out
That I trust in you my king
Through the pain and tears
Yet your peace prevails
And with all my soul I sing
I am free

Verse 2:
My heart and flesh may fail
The earth below give way
But with my eyes, with my eyes I’ll see the Lord
Lifted high on that day
Behold, the Lamb that was slain
And I’ll know every tear was worth it all

In the deepest valley you
Were always there to lift me up
I always thought You seemed so far
Though I fall I dare to say
That You will not leave me this way
My Victory is in His blood

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Walk With Me

Verse 1:
If you’re there,
If you can hear me,
I need you.
I’ve been so hungry;
I’ve been so cold.
Im lost and weary,
Where do I go?

My love is free,
This is your home.
Stay and eat,
You’re not alone.
You’ve wandered far
And suffered long.
Now turn around
And stay with me.

Verse 2:
Hear my cry.
Don’t forget me,
I need you.
I’ve been so lonely
And so afraid;
I’m lost and weary,
Where do I go?

Follow me!
Im all you’ve ever needed;
Im all your heart desires.
Come to me!
I’ll lead you home
In my arms.

Last Chorus:
Lord set me free
And take me home;
I want to dwell
In your love.
Let me remember
And trust in you,
As I pray
You’ll walk with me.

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An Empty Home

Clutter is not a sign of wealth,
And emptiness not born of lack.
Mankind does need few things to live
And yet fewer things to be happy still,
For many have lost their lives early
And happily for their many causes.

Emptiness allows for clarity,
And clarity tells you what to do,
And when those things are done
Then you can be happy too.
For meaningful work justifies suffering,
And suffering is never truly vanquished.

“Modern man can’t see God,
Because he doesn’t look low enough”
And the sky, no matter how large,
Can be hidden by a canopy of leaves.
So are hearts of stone broken in pain
To reveal the love shining within.

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Oh Son of Man, I see in you the fire that once called on me
I take and accept what you willing gave on account of your solid prayer

When you said to break your fingers whole and take what you would not give to me
I spoke and you came running and screaming. I count it all as faith

Have peace and don’t grieve
Cos your suffering I see and it moulds you into my image,
Scarred and bloodied on the Cross of Life

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Commission’s Call

Eyes turned in to one another
Hands too cold to feel
The poor and wretched lie awake
In houses stinking with prayer

The rich and blessed lie asleep
In streets lit in Christian light
As pagan scorns fill the air
And death sings its lullaby

Where spirit goes we do not know
But search for him in vain
The love which reaches out to us
Ignored like falling rain

On covered heads he beats and calls
How long will sinners eat alone
When light of Christ ceases to light
The Christian streets of Rome

The Church now sleeps both nude and poor
While the people of God sleep outside
And precious wine offered in golden cups
While his brothers go thirsty and die

Oh mercy oh mercy prophets cry
The pagans may be right
In failing our commission’s call
We prove our sins delight

Oh preacher of love and doer of blindness
Take a step back and fast
Then maybe your spirit will reignite
To love the poor at last

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Don’t Pray for Me

Don’t pray for me.
Don’t pray for me; as if God Himself
Would sell cures for my struggles,
In exchange for your cold sympathy.
Don’t pray for me, no, pray about me,

Because my suffering is not just for me,
It is also for you to die and be reborn,
To learn about goodness, about evil,
About the darknest desires in the
Shadow of your heart, and the light
Within it that wants to break free.

And as you break your fingers
To release that light over me,
Suffering loses its power
And death loses its sting.

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Healing Embrace

Love is disciplined and loyal,
Fear takes love away.
Fear is truth in present times,
Without potential cures.

We move and work
To our own ends,
Knowing life is more
Than our experience holds.
Knowing those, our inner spirit
Seeks, are left to struggle alone.

But oh my brother,
I may yet sense you
And choose to
Sit in your despair.
Our trust is true,
If only maintained
By recklessly being there.

And maybe trust lives
In it’s own way,
A word more real than even us.
For hope is preserved,
In this darkened world,
When betrayal is answered with love.

And oh my Lord,
I may yet believe
That what you died for
Is ultimate worth.
A world where the soul’s
Eternal flame
Drives back the
Darkness of death.

Where mankind rejected
And Creator betrayed,
Find healing in each other’s
Bloody embrace.
And oh the joy of love sincere,
Raised high for all to see,
Where a holy God
Laid down his life
To heal and comfort me.

My heart struggles;
Lord, help me believe.

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Jungle of Fear

I am lost in the jungle,
Too weak to move,
Surrounded by strangers
Not the brothers of my youth,

Nor the lover in my bed
Or the leader above me;
I stand in a twofold jungle
Of my own thoughts and peers.

I look around startled.
The sun is setting
And, though it rises again,
I yet smell death.

The wind whistles words,
Like an omen clear,
That my end is slowly seeking
To draw me in with fear.

My eyes, my eyes,
So cold and red.
I am sure that loneliness
Would have me dead.

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Midnight Dance

Shadows, like fingers,
Dig into my flesh,
While the swirl of darkness
Whistles in the wind.

The loneliness, painful,
Takes a toll on the bloody,
Rupturing, spiritual Heart
And manages to still the Mind.

A soft, smooth, buzz of headache;
A body floating below with imagination…
And a little dark voice whispering madness into tired ears.

Crazed, but awake in a dream that never ends.
I look up to a ceiling of grey clouds
And scream, no, cry to a silent God on high.

I take two steps to the left,
Look to my right,
And that is how the dance begins.

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My Jesus

His strength flows in gentleness,
With affection in his fiery eyes.
With each touch he comforts
And with every word he heals.

He raises those who are cast away
And gathers the orphans home.
He welcomes the weak, heals the sick
And eats at the sinner’s table.

He reaches out and brings forth life.
He makes every dark sky beautiful,
Making past pains fade away
and the brokenhearted whole.

He inspires the music of the soul
And the strength of the will to stand.
He is love and love is he;
He is like no other man.

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