Peace Be With You!


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Peace be with you,
Gabriel Ng Ui Kiat

Love is disciplined and loyal,
Fear takes love away.
Fear is truth in present times,
Without potential cures.

We move and work
To our own ends,
Knowing life is more
Than our experience holds.
Knowing those, our inner spirit
Seeks, are left to struggle alone.

But oh my brother,
I may yet sense you
And choose to
Sit in your despair.
Our trust is true,
If only maintained
By recklessly being there.

And maybe trust lives
In it’s own way,
A word more real than even us.
For hope is preserved,
In this darkened world,
When betrayal is answered with love.

And oh my Lord,
I may yet believe
That what you died for
Is ultimate worth.
A world where the soul’s
Eternal flame
Drives back the
Darkness of death.

Where mankind rejected
And Creator betrayed,
Find healing in each other’s
Bloody embrace.
And oh the joy of love sincere,
Raised high for all to see,
Where a holy God
Laid down his life
To heal and comfort me.

My heart struggles;
Lord, help me believe.

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